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The Global Indian Business Council, (GIBC) Inc is a non-profit Corporation organized in the USA pursuant to the Georgia Nonprofit Corporation Code.


GIBC envisions people of India working with the people of the USA and the world to facilitate economic development, with particular emphasis on India, and access to businesses, trade and commerce opportunities and resources.

Purpose and Activities:

  • Articulate vision through education, encouragement and promotion.
  • Create collaborative platforms and fora for businesses, investors and innovators.
  • Organize and facilitate networing events.
  • Distribute relevant knowledge about policies, practices and opportunities in India, USA and other countries for business and industry.

WAVES 2018: 13th International Conference of the World Association for Vedic Studies, Farmers' Branch, Texas, August 2-5, 2018

October 2, 2017, GIBC hosts the Hon. Dr. Subramanian Swamy's seminar: "On Geopolitical Challenges for India, in the Context of the Indian Subcontinent and China"


August 2017: GIBC Releases SMART VILLAGE ROADMAP 2017

This comprehensive report lays out a roadmap to achieve rural energy independence in India. The project has started, with 5 villages receiving the first phase of solar photovoltaic power and training of villagers to install more systems already in 2017. 45 more are in final preparation, another 50 coming up. Planning for the next phase is underway, with biogas systems. Please join this effort, with a drive to bring modern distributed manufacturing and service enterprises to India's villages. There is a strong role for all entrepreneurs and technology innovators in this fast-moving project.

Executive summary download

Link to full 126-page report


June 9 2017: GSU/GIBC SMART VILLAGE ROADMAP 2017 page updated with Proceedings & Videos:

NEW April 2017: Entrepreneurs' Exchange. Please send us your info

NEW April 2017: Student & Faculty Awards. Please send us your info

November 8, 2016: India demonetizes 500 and 1000-rupee currency notes, hunts underground cash, and encourages electronic transaction systems.

Aug. 9: Indian Parliament Passes GST into Law; to take effect in 2017.

May 18: Berry College team visits Global Mall for discussion on India and international business

May 2, 2016: Our Deepest Condolences: Dr. Narsi Narsimhan, Atlanta community leader and Indian Professional Network organizer, passes away

April 4-7, 2016: MODEX comes to Atlanta



March 3, 2016: Consul-General Nagesh Singh speaks at Georgia Tech

GIBC's Dhiru Shah speaks out against anti-immigrant Bill in Georgia

US Academics Welcome Indian PM to America: Press Release

If you are a member of US academia, please join this celebration of democracy!

NEW: 2-page Background to PM Modi's Visit with news links

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August 27, 2015: GOI list of 98 'Smart Cities for infrastructure and governance development

August 24, 2015: Dr. Subramanian Swamy Speaks In Atlanta: Report in NRI Pulse

Dr.Swamy talks to ConsulGeneral Nagesh Singh

August 15, 2015: India celebrates 69th Independence Day. (turn up the sound!!)

PM Modi's Swatantrya Din speech:

Remember his bold promises last year? (Scroll below if you don't)

1. Over 415,000 modern toilets built and installed in public schools in one year.

2. Over 170 MILLION bank accounts, with catastrophic Insurance, opened in the past year.

3. Anti-corruption laws: Over 65 Billion Indian rupees recovered. But a long way to go still.

July 11, 2015: Atlanta Welcomes Consul-General of India, Nagesh Singh and his family





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Atlanta welcomes Consul-General Nagesh Singh and his family

Consulate-General helps organize International Day of Yoga event in Atlanta

GIBC-IAFG Conference and Awards Ceremony, Atlanta, May 28: Atlanta Duniya Report and Press Release

CII: Workshop in Chennai, April 27: Analysis of New Foreign Trade Policies2015-2020, Hotel The Westin, Velacheri, Chennai. (Confederation of Indian Industry)

NRI Pulse: Global Indian Business Council Launches GIBC India at InfoCity & Office in Ahmedabad

Atlanta Dunia: Global Indian Business Council (GIBC), USA launches GIBC India at Infocity Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat & Inaugurates office in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Photos & Press Release:

GIBC Launch at Ahmedabad, January 10 and India Office Opening February 13



November 22: GIBC holds its pre-launch get-together in Atlanta




November 21: PM Modi reflects on his visit to Myanmar, Fiji and Australia:

  1. Five summits, 38 world leaders, 20 full bilateral meetings.
  2. Strengthening trade and commerce and drawing industry to India was a central part of the discussion....
  3. With (Myanmar) President Thein Sein: the 3Cs of culture, commerce and connectivity.
  4. Prime Minister Abbo (Australia)t:
  • unprecedented progress in the areas of energy, culture, and security.
  • Moving very positively on the issue of nuclear energy.
  • Framework for Security Cooperation.
  • ‘Make in India’ roadshow next year to invite Australia companies to India.
  1. Announced the visa-on-arrival facilities and the OCI and PIO merger in Australia and Fiji.
  2. Aim to make the diaspora an integral part of our development journey.
  3. Urged NRIs to keep sharing their views and thoughts on"

September 28: 10 takeaways from the prime minister's UN speech:

September 24: MangalYaan reaches Mars orbit

In an awesome demonstration of science, engineering project management and process control, India's first mission to Mars lifted off in November 2013 on an Indian launch vehicle, and succeeded in entering Mars orbit - a sequence of steps that left no room for error.


GIBC Welcomes Prime Minister Modi's Decisions to Streamline Decision-Making

August 28, 2014: 15 Million Bank Accounts Opened in a Day

"The Jan Dhan Yojana, the massive financial inclusion drive, aims to open 7.5 crore bank accounts and provide banking facility to the vast segment of the population which still remains cut off from the financial system. Under the scheme, a person opening an account will get a Rupay debit card, a Rs 1 lakh accident insurance policy as well as a Rs 30,000 life insurance cover.... Modi referred to an ancient Sanskrit verse which puts the onus on the state to involve people in economic activity. "This government has accepted this responsibility," the PM said.

August 15, 2014: Full Text of Shri Modi's 1st Independence Day Speech

Summary points:

1. "Prime Servant, no Prime Minister. Government is to serve, not just to do jobs".

2. A nation built by our farmers, workers, mothers and sisters, our youth. The power of our Constitution that provides opportunity to the poor.

3. "Sangachchhdhvam Samvadadhvam sam wo manansi jaanataam." We walk together, we move together, we think together, we resolve together and together we take this country forward.

4. First session of Parliament reflected our intentions to take nation forward. Welcomes the Opposition, welcomes all Parties, as partners. Due credit to them for our success.

5. Government departments working at cross-purposes, govt is not an assembly, but must become an organic entity. Razing walls. Should not be news that govt functions! No more "chalta hai!" Empowering everyone from Peon up to serve. Think that "I am for nation's interest and in this field, I am going to lead".

6. Laws will take their course, but people should modify behavior to prevent atrocities.Calls on doctors to prevent female feoeticide. Recognize contributions of women.

7. Nepal example: moving from weapons to books, waiting for a Constitution. Time to end communal tensions. Calls for a ten-year moratorium leading to permanent end to communal/caste tensions.

8. Public-Private Partnership for development. Replacing Planning Commission with an Institute, more PM-CM (Federal-State) partnerships.

9. Pradhanmantri Jan-Dhan Yojana (translation: The Prime Minister's People's Wealth Program): Bank accounts for all, debit card, INR 100,000 family catastrophe insurance.

10. Build skills. Bring manufacturing. Encourage small industry and skilled labor. Zero defects, zero harm to the environment from Indian products. "Come, Make in India, Manufacture in India, Sell Anywhere".

11. Calls on youth to pick one import item each and learn to build and sell it in India.

12. Digital India: Broadband to villages. Rural Telemedicine. Operate bank accounts from mobile phone. E-Governance means Easy governance, Effective Governance.

13. Tourism brings opportunity to the poorest. Welcome tourism, but needs major national cleanup by 2019

14. Clean India: By Aug. 15, 2015, separate functioning toilet facilities for boys and girls in every school: MPs to use their MPLAD funds, also Corporations to help, to ensure this. By 2019, Mahatma Gandhi centenary, clean villages and towns.

14. Sansad Aadarsh Gram Yojana (translation: Members of Parliament Model Village Scheme): Each MP (Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, rural or urban) to pick and transform one Model Village by 2016. Parameters: health, cleanliness, atmosphere, greenery, cordiality. After 2019, 5 Model Villages per 5-year tenure per MP. Complete blueprint to be presented to Parliament on October 11 (birth anniversary of Sri Jai Prakash Narayan).

15. Foreign Policy must be multidimensional. Priority is Poverty Eradication in SAARC. Reference to anecdote from young days of Gautama Buddha (Nepali Mother): "The saviour has more power than the killer and that makes him Buddha in future." India extends hand of cooperation to all SAARC: Nepal visit was a good beginning.

16. Proud of the devotion, the sacrifices of the security forces of the country, para-military forces of the country, all the security forces of the country to protect Mother India. I say to my countrymen, 'Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty'. The army is vigilant, we should also be vigilant and the country scales new heights. We have to move forward with this resolution. Speak loudly with me with full force -

Bharat Mata ki jai, Bharat Mata ki jai, Bharat Mata ki jai.

Jai Hind, Jai Hind, Jai Hind. Vande Mataram,

Vande Mataram, Vande Mataram!




August 13, 2014: Govt starts removing archaic laws